Untamed (parking) Spaces

Nine artists transformed buses, campers and tents into unexpected art galleries – curated by NewTown Arts

Public Events:

Exhibition Openings: Mar 9th, 2012 6-10pm

Participating artists:

Lisa Mann – Tentnology 2.0

Inside her illuminated tent, a blogging camper has brought along the technological comforts of home: cell phone, digital notepad, and laptop.A portable cell tower disguised as an evergreen tree provides a 5-bar signal and a generator recharges all batteries. Projections of U.S. National Parks sprout “stealth” cell towers. The campsite is complete with a flickering, virtual campfire.

Purgatory Arts – Recollect

The afterlife, solitude, peacefulness, the passage of time.A physical representation of a fictional character’s memories and feelings that evoke Nostalgia in the viewer.

Theresia Rosa Kleeman – Allegory of the Tipi

An appropriation of Plato’s Cave Analogy; an ephemeral nomadic structure where the viewer is not bound by chains but rather free to move around.Shadows dance around on the exterior while within the source of the illusion is blatant and the magic is revealed collapsing the spectacle to a mere trick.The illusion falls apart and the magic is lost.

Nicholas Fedak II – Wedding Bell Blues

The past is yet to come!An installation about memory and the evanescent, ethereal, and intangible past. A ‘floating’ disintegrating wedding dress and wedding tuxedo hang in the doorway to welcome visitors inside a private dream world through visual and olfactory bombardment. Once inside, each person is free to discover their own personal memory of the familiar.

Kira Vollman – Do Not Enter

An explosion of broken signs, Frankensteined dead-ends, dripping blood red off-limits and scattered reminiscences of forbidden locations.A metaphorical hysterectomy that blocks the audience from taking a necessary path in life and evokes a jarring sensation through auditory and visual perception.

Margaret Adachi – House of Cards

Life spins out of control. Events can seem to happen in random yet fateful patterns. House of Cards presents the viewer with a choice: to play the hand you’re dealt or to change the game.

This project is made possible through a grant from The Pasadena Department of Cultural Affairs Arts.

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