Dear Friends,
This was a year that will not be soon forgotten.  At Side Street Projects we have worked hard, loved a lot, and lost a few. This week, we examine our lives and look for what to be thankful for. Side Street Projects has the unique position of operating on the fringes. Our artists have the privilege of working with communities whose voices find themselves on the periphery of clear representation.  As artists, we are translators, and we have the opportunity to see beauty in voices and hold them up.  Our mission is to give artists of all ages the ability and means to support their creative endeavors.  All of our programs connect artists with communities to facilitate creative problem solving.
There is always work to be done. Our artists are inspired to put our boots to the ground and swing our hammers high.  We look forward to working with you by our side. Now is the time to learn from each other and create a community that we want to live in. Please join us! Your end of year donation will help us increase our impact.

Emily Hopkins

Executive Director
Side Street Projects

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