Side Street Projects is pleased to announce that we are celebrating our 25th Anniversary! We could never have made it 25 years without you being a part of our community!

For 25 years Side Street has been connecting artists with communities through educational programs, artist projects, and creative dialogue throughout Los Angeles County. At our last board meeting we shared our passion about the organization. We are honored to witness resilience in community and brilliance of humanity through our work. We are touched by the little moments like having a mutechild literally find their voice in our woodworking program. We are equally moved by systemic changes in our community that have been impacted by our artist projects. Age has not tempered our commitment to building programs that are a healthy balance between risk-taking and responsibility.

We are building momentum for the next era of Side Street Projects with dreams of a sustainable permanent home for the organization! We hope that you will join us on this journey by becoming a supporter and continued participant.

Consider joining us in celebrating this quarter  October 13th for our Gala and Art Auction at CTRL. On behalf of our board of directors and the communities we serve, thank you!

Side Street Projects is also made possible with support from:

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