Self-Care for Artists with Sarita Dougherty
Take Care of your Amazing Creative Self! First we will participate in breathing exercises for relaxation, then sink into a dreamy guided meditation, and finally follow a simple and effective mapping technique to imagine, visualize and draw your ideal life. Sarita calls this creating a Cosmology, or a plan for the life you deeply desire. We draw the ideal scene we want to live in to open up its potentiality to actually happen! Bring your sketchbook or journal, a writing utensil and your radical imagination. Enjoy this one-hour guided self-care session for your creative and holistic well-being.

Know Your (Tenants) Rights ! with L.A. Tenants Union & Pasadena Tenants Union
The Los Angeles Tenants Union is a diverse group of tenants who work together to affect policy and strengthen tenants rights thru outreach and education. We work on a linear platform to encourage tenants to advocate for themselves. We are also teamed up with EDN, the eviction defense network. A group of tenants rights lawyers dedicated to protecting tenants when they can and strengthen laws state wide. Today, we hope to facilitate the local dialogue about why tenants rights are so important and what you can do to be apart of the movement to strengthen tenants rights in your area.

Pasadena Tenants Union was formed in November 2016 by tenants and homeowners concerned regarding rental housing insecurity in the City of Pasadena. We advocate for renter rights and tenant protections from displacement caused by gentrification. We believe housing is a human right and renters have an inalienable right to safe, decent, stable and affordable housing. We are a membership body of volunteers and have no paid staff.

—– BIOS —–
Sarita Dougherty,, draws maps to see and re-see the world for personal and collective transformation. She generates habitats and paints them as research for her DIY PhD in Pachamama Consciousness, or earth-based aesthetics, ecology and education. She has taught art for over 15 years as a way to locate identity and healing. Sarita is a 2017 Artist in Residency with the Women’s Center for Creative Work at The Huntington Gardens and teaches at The University of Redlands and Cypress College. She lives and works on a mountain with her partner and baby in Yangna (Los Angeles).

L.A. Tenants Union is a diverse membership-based tenant-centered movement fighting for the human right to housing for all. We demand truly affordable and safe housing. We oppose the dismantling of rent-stabilized apartments. We organize against landlord harassment, mass evictions, and displacement. And we mobilize for the repeal of the Ellis Act and Costa-Hawkins Act. Our mission is to strengthen tenants’ political power through education, advocacy, and direct action.