Public Anchors: Collaborative Project

Public Anchors is a series of site-specific projects at Side Street Projects Mobile Headquarters with artists Champoy Lim, Faith Purvey and Davy Sumner. The Public Anchor Projects explore liminal space through a playful utopic and dystopic dialogue. Participants are invited to develop an imaginary shipwreck, design puppets that mimic society while wrangling electronic sound bugs that evolve over the course of the project.

Artist Bios & Statement:

Champoy Lim

Faith Purvey

Davy Sumner

Public Events:

Phase 1 Event of Emergencies
Date: 12/10/17
Time: 1-4pm

Phase 2 Into the Fray
Date: 1/28/18
Time: 1-4pm

Phase 3 The Finale
Date: 2/24/18
Time: 1-4pm (Community Programming from 11-1)


Public Anchors Album

Public Anchors Video

This project is made possible through a grant from the California Arts Council