Knitworking with Nancy Popp & Sara Daleiden

Knitting- the drawing together of a single thread in consecutive loops to create fabric- creates networked forms that serve as structures of support for many different ideas. These ideas can include practical applications for individual and collective bodies.

Knitting together communities- realms of human interaction and their social contexts- literally stiches interpersonal exchanges and actions together. This work democratizes the relationship between those with ‘expert’ and ‘lay’ knowledge. Constructing meanings collectively, participants make and live the necessary changes to change situations.


Nancy Popp, is a Los Angeles-born and -based artist, educator and organizer. Her work draws upon the rich traditions of durational, corporeal performance and political intervention to explore relations between body as site, the context of site that envelopes the body, and the constant fluctuations that connect the two. Her practice engages both architectural and public space to wrestle with political and social boundaries of geography and identity through risky, playful, endurance based performance interventions. Other forms she employs include photography, drawing, site-specific installation and video as well as political and community organizing.

Sara Daleiden, focuses on cultural production and exchange through creating social interactions in developing landscapes. With bases in Los Angeles and Milwaukee, she offers support for empathetic, structural development of identity embracing various scales of experimentation, connection and production. Initiatives and platforms encourage active interpretation and embodied
exploration of local places valuing public space, civic participation, economic sustainability, pedestrian awareness and celebration of difference.