Inspired by the glider-swing that his grandparent’s had on their farm in Presidio, Texas, Jedi is a glider-swing sculpture by Ismael de Anda III that the viewer can touch and ride on with a partner. De Anda considers this style of swing as his first childhood example of “sculpture.” The combination of the swing sculpture’s title Jedi, knights from Star Wars, with fragmented images of Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise, painted on the swing’s surfaces, are a mutation of science fiction universes. Gene Rodenberry, the creator of Star Trek was born in El Paso, Texas, the same place as de Anda. De Anda is interested in how Roddenberry and artists create fantastical worlds that don’t yet exist to inspire future generations to make into real technology. Jedi is also an homage to retiring fabricator Jedidia Dyer, who assisted De Anda in the development and creation of his glider-swing sculptures.