Local Dirt Shop with Nance Klehm
Dive deep into your local dirt by digging a hole where you live. Learn several hands-on, no cost methods of accessing your neighborhood’s soil’s health. All workshop participants should bring a cup of soil from their neighborhood with them.

California Color: Local Plant Dyeing with David Bryant
Walk through your environment with renewed vision, as you learn about the incredible range of dye colors that local plants produce. We will discuss the differences between invasive and native plant species and best practices for harvesting and extracting dye. Recipes, color palettes, gardening techniques and more will be shared to prepare you for a new world of color. Each participant will be dyeing their own piece of wool and walk away with a manual for local plant dyeing.
—– BIOS —–
Nance Klehm, www.socialecologies.net, Klehm cultivates and forages medicinals and edibles, keeps bees, has chickens and quail, co-runs a seed bank and stewards Pachamanka, a 50 acre conservation property in the Lower Driftless. She is the Director of Social Ecologieswhich works internationally on waste stream revisioning and reallocation, soil contamination and fertility, and agroecological practices.

David Bryant, www.davidcbryant.com, His practice engages the aesthetics of our local ecosystems that manifest in the patterning, coloration and morphology of native flora and fauna. By dissecting and re-contextualizing the visual languages of a site, from the bursts of indigo on a California Dogface butterfly to the neon orange of indigenous poppies, he attempts to visually translate a region’s inherent palette through generative works that use algorithms mirroring natural processes and structures. After working digitally, he returned to the landscape to bring these assemblages into a finalized form, using native dyes and earth pigments from the region to articulate his digital assemblages,